A marvelous place

to build software, create art.

Or just sit and rest.

Ok, so what is this place?

This is a server operated by Shared404, for the purpose of having a place for myself and others to build weird software, write interesting stuff, and do the things that are "just for fun".

On this server, myself as well as other interested individuals can log in using ssh, in a very similar manner to

As alluded to above, this tilde is highly inspired by the concept of a "Marvelous Pursuit". Devine Lu Linvega describes a marvelous pursuit with the following paragraph:

The marvelous pursuit is born from the desire to create playful complexity in a desert of simplistic convenience. A hobby is a form of consumption, the marvelous pursuit on the other hand, is a rejection of commodified convenience, it can't be bought because it has no price. A marvelous pursuit refuses socially ascribed use. People learn such socially useless things as the names of fern and the grammar of dead languages because they are bored with the mind-dumbing options dished out to them on TV.

Quote is taken from [0], see also [1, 2]

And this is the essence of the goal for this server. This is a place to build and discuss things that have no direct use in "Capital". Want to build a web server in bf? Sounds amazing, let's make it happen. Want to be a cooler person then I ever will be? Please do. And so on.

We do not only refer to programming when we discuss this however. Any type of art or writing is welcome, as long as it is utterly devoted to exploring what can be done because it can and because we find it interesting, as opposed to what is practical.

Admittedly, this is not the most pure excercise. Many things learned in the operation of this server or development of these projects is applicable to many things. However, a step into whimsy is better then none at all.

The other major inspiration for this space is the "Merveilles" movement.

The Merveilles sensibility carries notions of optimizing for productivity that seem to have osmosed from mainstream software development culture, but have been redirected in the Merveilles weltanshauung to be used for personal productivity- divorced from commerce, and an assertion that individuals should create their own personally tailored tools to serve their own objectives and values.

From ""

This is the other side of the "Marvelous" coin. Not everything can be solely for play. However, we can adapt the same sensibilities into our personal existence as much as possible, and build a more personal and connected world, even if it has to exist inside our dirtier larger scale one.

And thats the gist of it. This is a place to play, and to build. To make something useless, or useful. To build on a scale we aren't allowed to in the world of business - human scale.

Currently the only service provided by this box is a userdir http presence, as well as a smattering of programs and programming languages.

However, this is going to change as I have time to add more and as users create more services. Users are able and encouraged to build their own network services, as long the service is well behaved.

Thanks everyone!

User accessible programs currently installed:

[*] Base FreeBSD
[*] Figlet
[*] Neovim
[*] Pandoc
[*] Markdown

Programming languages installed:

[*] Python 3.8
[*] Rust 1.57
[*] Go 1.17.5